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What's Your Story?

Use Your Story to Increase Your Impact and Raise Your Revenue!
Use Your Story to Increase Your Impact and Raise Your Revenue!
Master Facilitator | Dynamic Speaker
Story & Presentation Coach

Star Bobatoon,Esq.

What's Your Story?

...and is it moving you forward or holding you back?







The number of professional coaches that I have hired, worked with, and/or learned from are too many to count. However, I would consider Star Bobatoon to be  the very best that I have ever had. In addition to her superlative communication skills, she has the rare ability to make a person see themselves differently and become a different person; a much better person. The very first project that she gave me was life changing.  She is a Star and she makes Stars!

Brian Thompson, Motivational Speaker

When I had to give my first talk, I knew I wanted Star because I wanted what she had – the ability to be engaging, inspiring and cut straight to my audience’s heart.  Each session with Star revealed a deeper level of my story.  Star had confidence in my ability when I didn’t have confidence in myself. She saw in me what I could not see myself and knew how to draw it out of me.  

Jill Mann Petrofsky, Author, Creator/Facilitator of Conscious Parent Workshops

I knew I had an important message and solution for my clients but I was having difficulty articulating it in a way that people would understand.  By pushing me to tap into my authentic self, Star helped me clarify my message, make my story compelling and deliver it in a way that allows me to truly connect with and serve my clients.” 
Daphne Wright, CPA, CFP

Wright & Associates, CPA

“Star is a great coach for those needing clarity around creating compelling stories and unique messages.  Her impact was larger than creating an amazing speech however, she also helped me establish the structure and key elements of my new coaching practice.  Star's expert guidance in this process was invaluable.”
Tracy Diziere, Tracy Diziere & Associates, LLC
Small Business Marketing Strategy & Process Development
“Star taught me how to structure my presentation and add emotion enabling me to really connect with the audience and get my first standing ovation.”
Pamela Samuels Young, Author, Speaker
From the moment I started speaking the audience was riveted, frozen in place, taking in every word.  It was like looking at a photo.  Star helped me reached a level of mastery I could not reach on my own. I am grateful for her coaching and expertise.

Eldonna Lewis Fernandez

Master Sergeant, USAF, Retired

Founder of Pink Biker Chic

“After working with Star, not only am I getting more speaking engagements, I am acquiring 4 times more people into my programs.”
Pamela Sams, Financial Advisor




"Engaging, knowledgeable, entertaining and impactful!" - those are the words most often used to describe Star Bobatoon. Star is an award-winning, international speaker, presentation coach, and trainer.   She has over a decade of experience as a performer on stage, TV, and the big screen and another decade of experience as an employment law attorney.  Star trained as a speaker with world-renown motivation speaker Les Brown and managed his speaker training program. 

In addition to Les Brown, Star has shared the stage with Brian Singer, Lisa Nichols,  Suze Orman, and former first lady, Michelle Obama.  

Using her diverse background, Star empowers her clients to use their stories, experiences and expertise to build the credibility and connection needed to grow their businesses with public speaking.  

Star’s Story 

Star knows what it is like to achieve success that leaves you unfulfilled. 

Star started out in the spotlight as a child actress with major roles in television and on the stage.  Although she loved the work she was doing, the pressure of being in the spotlight caused Star to abandon the stage as a young adult and attempt to live a “normal” life.  She got married, had two children and was about to graduate from law school when her “normal” life was interrupted. Star’s then 5-year old son was diagnosed with a progressive, incurable disease – Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.  It was a story Star wrote and shared about her son that inspired Star to leave her law firm after 10 years of practice and return to the stage as a speaker, at first supporting other parents of children with disabilities.  

Star’s theatrical background gave her a great foundation as a speaker but in order to improve she trained with world-renown motivation speaker Les Brown and eventually managed his speaker training program. She went on to become number one in training and sales at a national training company, a coach and business strategist and CEO of her own training and consulting company.  

Even with a successful consulting business and a compelling ‘return to the stage” story, Star was frustrated.  She knew she was not working in her passion and purpose, but didn’t understand why.  Eventually, Star discovered her hidden, limiting belief story – her backstory - was keeping her playing it safe as an HR trainer and consultant instead of maximizing her true gifts and talents as a speaker and presentation coach.

After her transformation and after working with other speakers and entrepreneurs who also struggled to maximize their gifts and talents and achieve the success they desired, Star created the STAR Performance Coaching program.  

Today, Star is committed to following her passion - educating and inspiring through training and speaking, and helping others do the same.  She helps clients identify and transform the stories they tell and the stories they believe about themselves so they can finally achieve the success they deserve.   

Star has authored three books.  Her first book, I Hate Muscular Dystrophy: Loving a Child with a Life-Altering Disease is about the lessons she learned from her son.  Her second and third books, STARPoints: 31 Strategies to Illuminate Your Life  Vols. I & II are collections of short stories and positive messages, designed to uplift and inspire.  

About Star




"STARPoints is a compilation of motivational messages that will brighten every dimension of your life and introduce you to the greatness within you."  


Les Brown,

World-renown Motivational Speaker

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