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Whether it’s a short Lunch-N-Learn, a half-day workshop or a full-day seminar, Star uses her unique background as an actress and an employment attorney to create an exceptional learning experience. Audiences and participants attain deeper understanding, long-term retention and greater application through unique and intense audience participation. 


Get ready to act out scenes, critic video, share experiences, role-play, solve hypotheticals, interact with others and have more fun than you ever thought possible in a workshop.

Popular Workshops


Speak Up, Stand Out and Get Paid – 1 Day Speaker Intensive

Your ability to succeed in business and in your career most often comes down to your ability to communicate.  Create, enhance and inspire with a personal, heartfelt story that connects you with your audience like never before. Learn how to get your unique story out of your head and onto the stage and how to use it o build your business and illuminate your life. Whether you are new to the idea of speaking to grow your business or you want to enhance your profitability with powerful skills solid strategies this program is just right for you. 


Live Backstory Discovery Journey

Your backstory is the sometimes hidden, limiting belief about what you deserve and what you can accomplish.  Your backstory is what holds you in a state of “almost” making it.  When we become aware of our backstories we can begin to dismantle them and create new stories for our lives; we can begin to truly unlock the prosperity we’ve been looking for.  Discovering your Backstory is where the journey begins.

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