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STARPoint #7 Wait Like a Farmer

When you plant seeds for your future goals, how do you wait? Do you worry, do you keep watching or and checking to make sure its going to happen? Do you prepare for the fulfillment of your desires. Do you wait like a farmer?

See, after a farmer plants his seeds, he does not worry whether they are going to grow. He does not dig them up every so often to see how they are doing. No, he does everything he is supposed to do to nurture that seed, water, sunshine, weeding and then he prepares for the harvest. That is, he sharpens his tools, makes sure the tractor is in good working order, he clears out the barn where the crop will be kept. All this before he sees even one plant break through the ground. He waits in expectation. How do you wait?

A friend of mine was determined to find the love of her life and get married. She dated around but was not having any luck. She started doing some personal development, she began planting the seeds of her future goals and then decided to wait in expectation. She set her table for two, she rearranged her house to make room for another person, cleared out some space in her bathroom and hold on now, she started making room in her closets for this person, her future husband. Her other friends thought she was crazy. Personally I liked the idea but was a little suspect.

Four months later she met a man who ended up becoming her husband. She planted the seeds of her goals and then waited in expectation, preparing for the fulfillment of her desires and her desires came to fruition.

I ask you again, "When you plant the seeds for your goals and your dreams, how do you wait?" I invite you to wait like a farmer, wait in expectation and prepare for the fulfillment of your desires.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to call 323-929-7827 or email me

I look forward to hearing from you.


Star Bobatoon,

Illuminate with Star Bobatoon

Embrace Your Inner Light and Be the STAR You were Born to Be!

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