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STARPoint #4: Focus on the Grilled Cheese!

When my children were younger they loved grilled cheese sandwiches. So when they would ask me to make them a grilled cheese, I'd take the ingredients: the bread, the butter and the cheese and I would put it together and grilled it. And when I flipped it over, it was golden brown and tasty looking. Mmmm.

But inevitably once I turned the grilled cheese over to the second side, I would get distracted. I'd try to check email, put in a load of laundry or something and I would burn the second side of the grilled cheese. This happened so often that whenever I was making a grilled sandwich, my children started saying, "Mommy, focus on the grilled cheese." Eventually it became a joke whenever I was cooking anything. "Focus on the Grilled Cheese!"

I think this idea of the grilled cheese works in our everyday lives as well. Sometimes we get all excited about a new project or a new idea and put in the time and focus to make sure that it's done just right. We get about half way done and then we get distracted by some other new project, some other bright shiny object. We get distracted and forget about the initial project, and that initial idea gets neglected, ruined, burnt because we took away our focus.

So here's a suggestion: the next time you have a project or a new idea. Focus on the grilled cheese! That means don't look left, don't look right. Focus on the task at hand until you get it done. Focus on the grilled cheese!

That is your STARPoint for today.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to call 323-929-7827 or email me

I look forward to hearing from you.


Star Bobatoon,

Illuminate with Star Bobatoon

Embrace Your Inner Light and Be the STAR You were Born to Be!

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